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taking it all in

as i find myself in a new city, experiencing new things, appreciating all amazing things that surround me i can’t help but reach for my canon so i can get it all on camera. while i don’t think there is anything wrong with that, we live in a time, that we are being constantly “connected”  whether it’s facebook, twitter, instagram or tumblr, we are always ready to update and share. so much so, that we don’t fully get to appreciate and enjoy what we should be.

i sometimes stop and wonder why i’m trying to capture it all? in the process of trying to get the perfect shot, with perfect lighting and without any people getting in the way of my perfect shot, i am losing out on the opportunity to fully experience what is happening. i feel a little cheated only having the chance to see it from my viewfinder. so how do i find the right balance? how do i make myself present, but still be able to create these memories? why do i have to “create” rather then just experiencing it? we capture these moments so we can share them, so we can look back at them and be reminded of those memories, but by capturing that image we may be omitting something more valuable. we see an image just for what it is, we add our own emotions and we create our own story, a story that we would understand better if we had just made ourselves a part of.

have you ever experienced this? what have you done in order to live in the moment? in my attempt to take it all in, i will put down the gadgets and just be.